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DKI Consulting Engineers provide a range of building services:

We can offer our clients condition surveys of their existing buildings to assess and report the condition of services installations. DKI can additionally provide expert advice on maintenance to extend the life of installations and develop plant replacement strategies for items at the end of their life cycle.

Building on the condition surveys we carry out we can also assist in developing planned and preventative maintenance strategies in accordance with the latest codes of practice. This service allows our clients to plan major interventions such as plant replacement and schedule regular maintenance activities to extend the life of their systems. By planning both maintenance and replacement our clients can create more accurate financial projections and reduce the likelihood of disruption and unexpected costs brought on by unmaintained building services.

Acquiring premises is a significant commitment and DKI Consulting Engineers are able to support our clients through this process by undertaking condition surveys of sites, providing technical advice on the existing installations and advising on all current technical standards that the client should be aware of. Our input reduces the risks our clients face when leasing or purchasing property and allows them to make fully informed decisions and future plan any required works appropriately.

Utilising the latest building modelling software and real usage data provided by our clients, we can evaluate the performance of existing buildings to give us an insight in to where energy is being used, and crucially where it is being wasted. We will analyse the major building services systems as well as highlighting inefficiencies in the building fabric to report the current performance of the property and will identify areas of potential improvement. Our comprehensive reports allow our clients to judge how their buildings are currently performing and gives clear and detailed information so that energy and carbon saving interventions can be fully assessed and informed decision on their implementation made. Appropriate interventions save carbon, save energy, and save money.

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